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15 Best Turkey Recipes with Bacon

The best turkey recipes with bacon in this collection are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds! The savory flavors of bacon and turkey pair together so well, and you’ll love these fresh meal ideas from top food bloggers.

You’ll find easy dinner recipes, sandwiches, turkey soup with bacon, casseroles, pasta, ways to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey, quiche, air fryer bacon-wrapped turkey breast, pizza, Turkey Tetrazzini and so much more.

A collage with bacon-wrapped turkey, a turkey bacon pot pie, a hot brown sandwich and bacon-wrapped turkey thighs.

Whether you’re looking for a classic roasted turkey breast covered with a bacon weave or a new take on Pasta Carbonara, you’ll find plenty of exciting new ways to enjoy bacon and turkey.

For more tasty meal ideas be sure to check out our popular collection, Bacon for Dinner: 60 Easy Recipes. and 20 Best Turkey Sandwich Recipes with Bacon. You might also enjoy our Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf recipe, which contains photos and directions for making a perfect bacon weave like the one shown below.

Let’s get cooking and make some tasty turkey with bacon!

1. Easy and Delicious Bacon Wrapped Turkey – Little Sunny Kitchen

1. Easy and Delicious Bacon Wrapped Turkey - Little Sunny Kitchen
Take your holiday roast turkey to a delicious new level with this recipe that shows you exactly how to make a gorgeous Bacon Wrapped Turkey with a bacon lattice top.
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2. Sumptuous Turkey Pie – Fab Food 4 All

This pie makes use of all of your Thanksgiving leftovers to make a meal worthy of sharing for an easy dinner of turkey and bacon goodness. With the addition of tender leeks and savory mushrooms this crispy puff pastry pie is off the scale good!
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3. Turkey and Bacon Pizza – Upstate Ramblings

3. Turkey and Bacon Pizza - Upstate Ramblings
Skip take out tonight! Leftover turkey pizza is a mouthwatering yet simple dinner. The turkey is combined with bacon, spinach, peppers, onions and cheese on pre-made pizza dough.
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4. Bacon Wrapped Turkey Thighs – Nomss

Easy Oven Recipe Bacon Wrapped Turkey Thighs are full of fresh herbs for the moistest, most flavorful turkey ever! You'll love this quick dinner with only 10 minutes prep time!
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5. Pasta Carbonara with Leftover Turkey – Lynn’s Way of Life

After the holidays, we all have turkey leftover. Leftover Turkey Carbonara is full of bacon, parmesan cheese, peas, and is ready in 15 minutes!
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6. Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloins – BENSA Bacon Lovers Society

Slices of bacon wrapped turkey tenderloin on a black serving plate.
You'll love these juicy, flavorful turkey tenderloins wrapped in delicious, crispy bacon and roasted in the oven. Each tenderloin feeds about two people, and they're ready to eat in less than two hours!
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7. Turkey Wellington with Stuffing – This Little Home

This Turkey Wellington recipe with crispy puff pastry wrapped around layers of stuffing and bacon make a great alternative to a traditional roast turkey.
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8. Turkey Corn Chowder with Bacon – This is Not Diet Food

Turkey Corn Chowder with Bacon is a creamy soup recipe loaded with shredded turkey, corn, bacon and chopped green onions.
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9. Leftover Turkey Soup with Bacon – Peter’s Food Adventures

This creamy leftover turkey soup with potatoes and bacon is so easy to make. All of your leftovers from the holiday feast come together to make this soup loaded with bacon flavors!
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10. The Hot Brown Sandwich Recipe – Chicken Fried Kitchen

The Hot Brown Sandwich Recipe has a warm and comforting flavor, yet not heavy. Smoked turkey and bacon take this sandwich to the next level!
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11. Festive Turkey Bacon Stuffing Pockets – A Mummy Too

A deliciously festive bake recipe – turkey, bacon, stuffing, cranberry and white sauce in a puff pastry pocket, with a herby cheese crumb.
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12. Easy Turkey Tetrazzini with Bacon – The Seasoned Mom

An easy Turkey Tetrazzini recipe is the best way to use the leftover meat from your Thanksgiving feast. Put it together in about 25 minutes!
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13. Cheese, Bacon and Turkey Quiche – Farmers Girl Kitchen

Cheese, Bacon and Turkey Quiche combines a cheese pastry shell with a creamy filling of cooked turkey, bacon, and soft cheese. It’s ideal to make with leftovers from Christmas or Thanksgiving.
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14. Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast – Slow the Cook Down

This bacon wrapped turkey breast is brined, seasoned and cooked to perfection in the air fryer. Wonderfully flavored and deliciously juicy!
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15. Turkey Casserole with Pasta, Bacon and Mushrooms – Yummy Addiction

This Turkey Casserole is the ultimate comfort food recipe. It features pasta, mushrooms, bacon and turkey for a delicious, filling dinner that's easy to make.
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