Baked Bacon  Brie Appetizer


The combination of melting, creamy brie cheese with salty, sweet, savory bacon topping is incredible.

Step one

Bake the bacon and whisk together the brown sugar, maple sugar, black pepper and cayenne pepper until smooth.

Step Two

Blot bacon, apply glaze and crisp. Remove the pan and do not turn off the oven. Cool the bacon on the pan for 5 minutes. Blot excess grease with paper towels and transfer to a fresh piece of parchment paper to cool. 

Step Three

Using a sharp knife, cut off the top rind of Brie cheese so the bacon topping soaks in. Then bake as directed.

Step Four

Tear the candied bacon into pieces, top the baked brie and drizzel with maple syrup.

Bacon & Brie Appetizer

Surround with crackers and serve warm. - ENJOY!

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