Can you cook BACON  in the Microwave?

how to microwave Crispy Bacon without paper towels!

Is It Worth It?

1. Crispy, Golden BACON 2. No stove needed 3. No papertowels stuck to your bacon 4. No grease splatters 5. Easily save bacon grease (liquid gold) What's not to love?


Use thick or regular cut bacon for this recipe. Then, you can season your bacon with optional black pepper, seasoning blend, or brown sugar if you'd like.

Best Cooker

A classic glass baking dish is the best microwave cooker. It allows the bacon to cook in the fat, which keeps it moist while cooking so it doesn’t dry out.


Lay the bacon strips side by side in a glass baking dish. Put the dish in the microwave oven and set the power level for 50%, or half power.

Remove the bacon with tongs and save that bacon grease!  Drain the bacon. The bacon will become crispier as it cools. Let it cool for at least 5 minutes before eating or using it in a recipe.


Microwave Bacon