Jalapeno Bacon

Homemade Jalapeno Bacon is spicy, smoky, sweet and savory! Perfect for brunch, breakfast and party appetizers.


"We made these when we had some friends over and they were a hit! So yummy and easy to make!" ~MJ


Bacon grease Jalapeños Brown sugar Ground black pepper Salt Water Thick cut bacon

Step one

Line the baking sheet with aluminum foil and top with the rack. Spray it with nonstick cooking spray so your bacon doesn’t stick.

Step TWO

Heat the bacon fat in a large frying pan or nonstick skillet and sauté chopped jalapeños until tender, about 6 minutes.


Add the salt, brown sugar, pepper, and water, and stir just until the sugar melts. Remove from heat.

Step four

Cool the mixture for 5 minutes and transfer to a food processor or blender. Process 2-3 times until the mixture is fairly smooth


Pour the glaze mixture in a shallow dish. Drag each slice of bacon through the glaze, making sure each piece is generously coated.

Step SIX

Arrange the bacon strips in a single layer on the prepared rack.


Cook bacon until it is golden brown and crispy. The exact cooking time will depend on the thickness of your bacon, but mine took about 35 mins.


Cool the bacon on the pan for 10 minutes. Drain bacon strips on a double layer of paper towels for a moment, and remove to a serving dish.

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