Salad with Chicken and Bacon

This easy Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad recipe brings together the tastiest flavors: savory bacon, tender roasted chicken, creamy avocado, juicy grape tomatoes, refreshing cucumbers, crispy Romaine lettuce, and a homemade Balsamic ranch dressing that’s the perfect blend of tangy and creamy deliciousness.


"I am here to say that this salad is DELISH! Eliza made it for me when she was testing the recipe and honestly, I dreamt about it for days. Crisp, fresh, and filling! Checks all the boxes!" ~Kathleen


Thick cut bacon Romaine lettuce Grape tomatoes English cucumber Avocado Chopped cooked chicken Mayonnaise Sour cream Ranch seasoning mix Balsamic vinegar

Step one

Chop the bacon in 1/2 inch pieces, and add to a skillet. Cook over medium heat until the bottom side is golden brown, then flip over.

Step TWO

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, sour cream, ranch dip mix and Balsamic vinegar until smooth; reserve.


Chop the romaine, tomatoes, chicken, cucumber, avocado, and add to a large serving bowl with the reserved bacon.

Step four

Toss with the dressing, or serve the dressing on the side.

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