easy Homemade Crispy Bacon Bits

Crispy bacon bits are a versatile and flavorful addition to SO many dishes, from salads to baked potatoes to appetizers and beyond.

Best Bacon Bits

Compared to many store-bought bacon bits, these homemade bacon morsels offer the best taste, quality, and CRUNCH!


Let’s walk through the process of making this real bacon bits, essential equipment, pro tips, uses, and more!

Best Bacon?

Crispy Bacon Bits: If you want your bacon bits to be extra crispy, you’ll want to use regular sliced bacon (not thick sliced).

Chewy Bits?

Chewy Bacon Bits: Thick sliced bacon is great for chewy bacon bits. Thick-cut bacon strips will cook up golden brown on the outside and tender on the inside.

Equipment Needed

To make crispy bacon bits, the main piece of equipment you’ll need is a large skillet.

Step by Step Instructions

If you cut the fatty part and lean part separately, you can make sure both types are cooked evenly.

Prepare to Cook

Make sure the pieces don’t overlap to ensure even cooking. If you’re working with a large amount of bacon, you may need to cook it in batches.

Use the spatula to flip the pieces regularly to ensure they cook evenly. Adjust the heat if necessary to prevent the bacon from cooking too quickly or burning.

Drain the Bacon

Note: We always strain and save bacon grease, a.k.a. ‘liquid gold’ for cooking and baking.

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