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Bacon Bits, June 11, 2023

Hello, bacon lovers!

Million Dollar Bacon. Billionaire Bacon. Neiman Marcus Million Dollar Dip. Do you notice a trend? 

These three recipes are getting the most website clicks this month, and they’re perfect for making your dad feel like a wealthy tycoon on Father’s Day next Sunday 6/18.

We’ve also launched a NEW “Members Only” section on our website with freebies just for you!

Read on for your secret password, and all the exciting news and recipes:

Millionaires, Billionaires and Bacon

I noticed an interesting phenomenon with our website traffic last week. Three out of five trending recipes contained the word “million” or “billion.”

Million Dollar Bacon and Billionaire Bacon are both variations of a sweet-spicy glazed, oven baked bacon that everyone finds irresistible.

Neiman Marcus Million Dollar Dip is an updated vintage recipe with an unusual ingredient that takes the bacon-based dip over the top!

These opulent bacon recipes will make you feel like a rich movie star, and they’re also perfect for Father’s Day!

Six strips of cooked golden brown Million Dollar Bacon.
Million Dollar Bacon

Check out the recipes:

You’re a VIP

To say thanks, you now have access to the exclusive VIP MEMBERS ONLY section of our website (screenshot below). 

Here’s the password you’ll need to get in: baconclub (Please keep this a secret!)

A screenshot of the BENSA website Members Only page.

This is where you can download our exclusive BACON SNACKS mini eBook with 12 delicious bacon bites recipes. 

You’ll also find fun printables like bacon gift tags, a fun Bacon Fat grease container label, bacon games, puzzles and more.

Remember, the secret password is: baconclub

What Happened When I Asked A.I. to Describe Bacon

As you’ve probably heard, Artificial Intelligence is here whether we like it or not. So I tried an experiment recently, when I was building some new “Wurdle” puzzles for our Members Only library.

Here’s what happened when I asked A.I. Search for some 5-letter words describing bacon:

“Simply stale?” Really?

Have you tried the A.I. tools yet? What has your experience been? I’d love to hear your comments!

How Fast Can You Complete a 35-piece Bacon Puzzle?

Puzzle pieces for an online puzzle showing bacon deviled eggs.

The 35 piece bacon puzzle above was created from our popular Bacon Deviled Eggs recipe. Can you beat the reigning champion’s completion time of 1 minute, 1 second?

Two hints: The pieces are all facing the proper way, so you don’t need to worry about turning them. If you zoom out, you’ll have more room to sort the edge pieces and build the puzzle.

Bacon Lovers Store on Amazon

Six products shown in the BENSA Amazon store.

Have you visited the #1 store on Amazon for bacon enthusiasts? Shop our curated collection of:

  • Delicious bacon
  • Pro bacon cooking equipment
  • Kitchen gadgets and cookbooks
  • Bacon t-shirts and gifts

Bacon Festivals Ahead!

If you’re in Kansas, Illinois or Kentucky next month, be sure to check out these fun bacon events!

Discover all the best bacon festivals, beer and bacon events, cook-offs, dinners, and bacon holidays on our Bacon Events page.

60+ Bacon Recipe Boards on Pinterest

Let’s connect! We love “meating” our readers online and sharing your photos and posts!

Thanks for being a part of our bacon loving community! You’ll hear from us again in two weeks with your next Bacon Bits newsletter.

If you ever have questions or comments to share, please contact me. I always love hearing from BENSA members!

Stay sizzling,

Eliza Cross

eliza cross

About Eliza & BENSA

BENSA was founded by bacon expert Eliza Cross, author of more than a dozen cookbooks. She has written three bacon cookbooks including the award-winning Bacon Beans and Beer, the bestselling 101 Things to Do With Bacon, and the popular sequel 101 More Things to Do With Bacon. Learn more about BENSA...

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