Welcome to BENSA! 

B.E.N.S.A. is an acronym for Bacon Enthusiasts ‘N Swine Aficionados.

The name was also chosen because it rhymes nicely with Mensa, the international organization for smart people with high IQs. But unlike Mensa, BENSA accepts bacon-loving members of all intelligence levels. 

BENSA was founded by Eliza Cross, author of more than a dozen cookbooks including the award-winning Bacon Beans and Beer, the bestselling 101 Things to Do With Bacon, and the popular sequel 101 More Things to Do With Bacon.

Eliza Cross Bensa Founder
Eliza demonstrates the awkward sideways cooking pose

Eliza serves as a judge for numerous culinary events, leads cooking workshops, styles food for photo shoots, and has appeared on TV shows like the CBS-4 Denver evening news and radio shows like Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time. Visit our Contact page to get in touch. 

If you love the savory, smoky flavor of great bacon, we hope you’ll consider BENSA your home.  

BENSA celebrates artisan bacon makers, restaurants, chefs, grillers, bloggers, home cooks and eaters who are crazy for bacon and think it deserves its own food group.

We showcase many makers, cooks and delectable bacon offerings on our Instagram page. 

We applaud pork producers who raise their animals humanely, and support organizations like Slow Food. We are also proud to support BACON for Hope.

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