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Summer Recipes with Bacon

Bacon Snacks ebook on a reader, cell phone and book.
A glass jar filled with candied bacon strips.
A large dish of bacon on a breakfast charcuterie board.
bacon wrapped little smokies sausages.
pasta with chicken, bacon, garlic and Parmesan cheese.

The BENSA Bacon Lovers Society brings together the world’s best bacon fans. Discover the best new bacon recipes, check out our bacon festival and events directory, learn all about how to cook bacon from our helpful guides, laugh at funny bacon memes and much more.

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I’m Eliza Cross. Welcome to my kitchen! I’m a cookbook author, bacon expert, professional recipe developer, E.A.T. Certified culinary judge, food photographer and mom. I’m also the founder of BENSA Bacon Lovers Society, the world’s most fun community of bacon enthusiasts.

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