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37 Best Gifts for Bacon Lovers

We’ve got the perfect gifts for bacon lovers in BENSA’s comprehensive guide, whether you’re looking for maple bacon jam, a monthly bacon subscription, bacon cookbooks, bacon roses delivery, the best bacon gift box, or even a bacon scented candle.

Finding the perfect bacon lovers gift can be challenging, whether you’re shopping for a Christmas present, Valentine’s Day gifts, holidays, or the perfect birthday surprise. But with these 37 bacon gift ideas, your lucky recipient will squeal with delight!

A package of gourmet bacon, bacon roses, apple pie flavored bacon, and a woman in a bacon shirt.

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Be sure to check out our roundup of best Bacon of the Month Club gifts, too.

To order bacon t-shirts for people of all sizes (including official BENSA gear), visit the BENSA Bacon Lovers Shop.

A young woman wearing a gray tshirt imprinted with BENSA and BENSA Bacon Lovers Society logo
Photo: BENSA shirt courtesy of Redbubble/BENSA Bacon Lovers Shop

Gifts of Bacon

You can never go wrong by gifting delicious bacon, and these samplers, gift baskets, subscriptions, crates, boxes and surprise deliveries will make your friends and loved ones squeal with delight!

1. Bacon of the Month Club

3 shrink wrapped packages of bacon.
Photo: Courtesy of Heritage Foods

Can you imagine a better gift than receiving three packages of tasty bacon each month? The Bacon of the Month Club from Heritage Foods includes monthly shipments containing different styles of heritage breed bacon raised by independent family farmers.

Each box also includes details on the history of the breed and farm.

2. Bacon Roses for Delivery

A bouquet with 12 roses, each made from a strip of bacon wound in a rose shape.
Photo: Bacon Bouquets

Bacon Bouquets will ship a delicious bacon bouquet delivery filled with edible bacon roses for your sweetheart.

The savory hand-rolled blossoms are handmade from specially sourced bacon, and include reheating instructions.

3. Chocolate Bacon Roses

A rose made from a strip of bacon and affixed to a green stem, which has then been dipped in melted chocolate.

The Chocolate Decadence Bouquet from Bacon Bouquets features a dozen long stem bacon roses in a bouquet accompanied by 7 ounces of fresh chocolate dip.

You’ll be able to melt the chocolate, dip the roses on the spot, and enjoy the decadent combination of salty bacon and smooth chocolate. Pure bliss!

4. Bacon Lovers Gift Basket

A gift box with bacon, jam, barbecue sauce and chocolate.

American Artisan’s indulgent bacon gift basket features three packages of assorted artisan bacon, barbecue sauce, bacon jam, and a bacon chocolate bar, all packed in a basket for easy gifting.

5. Bacon Jerky 5 Flavor Sampler Pack

5 packages of bacon jerky.

Delicious Carnivore Candy artisan bacon jerky made with premium bacon includes five flavors: Applewood Smoked, Spicy Sriracha, Honey Pepper, Jalapeno and Old Fashioned Maple. The sampler includes 5 two-ounce packages.

6. Bacon Sampler Gift Box

A bacon gift box with gourmet bacon and snacks.

This bacon sampler gift box from Broquet includes six different bacon treats: a 14-ounce package of dry cured bacon, a bottle of bacon hot sauce, bacon salt, bacon jerky, a Vosges dark chocolate bacon bar, and bacon brittle — all packed in a wooden crate.

Gifts for the Bacon Lover

For those people who want their favorite meaty treat around 24/7, these presents will truly showcase their love for bacon.

7. Bacon Sign

A vintage look sign that reads, "Delicious Bacon Fresh!"

This retro metal bacon sign is perfect for the kitchen, game room or man cave. It’s 8 by 12 inches, made of heavy gauge metal and printed with waterproof ink.

8. Bacon Thank You Notes

Note cards printed with bacon designs.

Show your gratitude in the most appealing way with this Makin’ Bacon’ boxed set of 10 bacon cards.

Inscribed inside with “Thank You,” the 4 x 5.12 inch note cards come with envelopes and are packaged in a reusable box.

9. I Love Bacon Lunch Bag

An insulated lunch bag with a bacon and eggs design.

This cute bacon and eggs lunch bag is perfect for packing a BLAT sandwich or your favorite bacon lunch.

Fully lined with cushioned foam padding, the bag keeps food cold or hot for hours.

10. Bacon Coffee Mug

A center and right view of a white coffee mug imprinted with "Peace Love Bacon & More Bacon"
Photo: Courtesy of Redbubble/BENSA Bacon Lovers Shop

“Peace Love Bacon and More Bacon” would probably solve most of the world’s problems. This ceramic bacon coffee mug holds 11 ounces and is dishwasher safe.

11. Bacon Floaty

An inflatable pool floaty shaped like a strip of bacon.

Float on a cushion of porky goodness with this inflatable bacon pool float. At 72 inches in length, this slice of heaven bacon floatie can accommodate even tall swimmers.

Presents for Bacon Cooks

Bacon cooking gear is the perfect present for your favorite home chef who loves cooking with crispy, savory bacon.

Browse our recommendations, including a bacon press, oven mitts, bacon grease container, microwave rack and more.

12. Bacon Grease Container

A red bacon grease container.

This charming red bacon grease container holds approximately 2 cups of liquid gold bacon drippings.

Made from durable, heavy gauge steel construction with an enameled lid, the pot is about 4 by 4 inches. Tuck it in the back of your refrigerator and check out these 25 ways to use bacon grease.

13. The Original Makin’ Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack

A plastic microwave bacon cooking rack.

This popular microwaveable bacon rack cooks crispy bacon with up to 35% less fat.

The secret is in the elevated cooking bars which allow you to drape the bacon over for cooking (about one minute on High temperature per slice, according to the instructions) while the grease drains in the pan below.

14. When In Doubt Add Bacon Cutting Board

Wooden pig cutting board.

The ideal bacon lover gifts for weddings, anniversaries, bridal showers or a housewarming, this solid beech wood bacon cutting board proclaims the best cooking advice! Dimensions: 15 inches long by 10.75 inches wide by 1 inch thick.

15. Bacon Cookie Cutter

A metal cookie cutter shaped like a strip of bacon.

Bring home the bacon with this whimsical aluminum bacon cookie cutter. 5 inches long by 1-1/4 inches wide.

16. Bacon Oven Mitt

An oven mitt imprinted with a bacon design.

This fun bacon oven mitt is heat resistant with a Silverstone lining, and measures 7 by 12 inches. It’s perfect for removing hot pans from the oven or grilling something tasty like our smoked bacon wrapped pork tenderloin.

17. Bacon Press

A cast iron bacon press with a wooden handle.

Cuisinart’s solid cast iron bacon press is great for keeping bacon flat and cooking it evenly, especially thick cut slices.

Heavy duty with a handsome wood handle, the 1.8 pound press can also be used to make smash burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.

18. Bacon Jam

Two jars of Stonewall Kitchen Maple Bacon Onion Jam.

This Maple Onion Bacon Jam from Stonewall Kitchen is a great way to add bacon flavored goodness to a grilled burger, as a pizza topping, on crackers as an easy appetizer, or spread on a hot biscuit for breakfast.

(Want to make your own? Check out our Bacon Onion Jam recipe.)

19. Microwave Bacon Cooker Mug

A ceramic mug for cooking bacon in a microwave.

This novel hand sculpted stoneware bacon cooking mug really does what it promises.

Simply drape several slices of bacon over the top, cover with a paper towel to absorb spatters, and microwave for about 1 minute per slice.

Voila! Perfectly cooked bacon, and the clever spout at the bottom even makes it easy to save the bacon grease.

20. 101 Things To Do With Bacon Cookbook

The cover of the cookbook "101 Things To Do With Bacon" by Eliza Cross.

101 Things To Do With Bacon is the classic little spiral-bound cookbook for bacon lovers, written by BENSA founder Eliza Cross. Over 55,000 copies sold!

Gourmet Bacon Gifts

For the bacon connoisseur, these palate-pleasing presents feature some of the best artisan bacon — guaranteed to make your favorite bacon addict happy!

21. Artisan Bacon

A slab of bacon on butcher paper with a knife.
Photo: Courtesy of Bill E’s Bacon

Bill-E’s Small Batch Bacon doesn’t just get its incomparable flavor from owner William “Bill E” Stitt’s well-honed curing and smoking expertise.

The pork is literally bathed in live music while it cooks in a smokehouse behind his restaurant’s sound stage, which is why Bill E’s slogan is “Serenaded by Songwriters, Savored by Carnivores.” Available sliced and in unsliced slabs.

22. Apple Pie Bacon

Apple Pie bacon on parchment paper.
Photo: Courtesy of Pig of the Month BBQ

If the world’s most popular meat and favorite pie had a love child, she’d look like Apple Pie Bacon from Pig of the Month BBQ.

Applewood smoked bacon is rubbed with cinnamon, ginger syrup, freshly grated nutmeg, and brown sugar and cured for 30 days for an amazing taste sensation.

23. Mail Order Bacon

A package of Tender Belly Uncured Bacon.
Photo: Courtesy of Tender Belly

Tender Belly bacon raises its heritage breed hogs sustainably and humanely, and the company’s signature dry-rub uncured bacon is produced without nitrates or water.

When you place an order with Purely Meat, your bacon will be carefully packed and shipped in a cooler with cold packs to insure safe transit and delivery.

Bacon Themed Gifts

For that hard-to-buy-for person in your life, these presents all feature bacon designs!

24. Bacon Band-Aids

A box of 50 bacon design bandages.

Owies don’t hurt as much when they’re covered with bacon bandages. This cute tin of 50 sterile, individually wrapped bacon bandaids is perfect for traveling, camping and keeping in the home medicine cabinet.

25. Bacon Tea Towel

Two tea towels with pig and chicken designs.

This cute bacon tea towel features an adorable pig with the phrase “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” created by Comfort and Yum. The towel is 15 by 25 inches and is machine washable 100% terry microfiber.

You can also purchase the accompanying “I Couldn’t If I Fried” chicken design separately.

26. Plush Bacon Keychain

A plush bacon keychain.

Not only does this funny 4-inch plush bacon keychain make a classy statement about your favorite meaty treat, it makes a sizzling sound when you squeeze it!

27. Bacon Addicts Survival Kit

Bacon lip balm, soap, gumballs, mints and air freshener.

Take the scent of bacon with you wherever you go! This 5-piece bacon survival kit includes an assortment of bacon items such as bacon-scented air freshener, lip balm, mints and gum, bacon soap and a bacon addict silicone bracelet.

28. Bacon Toilet Paper

A roll of toilet paper printed with a bacon design.

When it comes to bacon gag gifts, you really can’t go wrong with bacon toilet paper.

Your guests will smile when you put out this 2-ply roll with 200 sheets of porky practicality!

29. Bacon Fridge Magnet

A bacon magnet on a white refrigerator.

Bacon makes everything better, and this friendly bacon magnet is perfect to adorn the refrigerator of your favorite bacon lover. Measures 15 inches tall.

Fun Bacon Gifts for Him

Whether you’re buying for a husband, dad, uncle, brother, or son, these gifts have been chosen especially for the guys and are perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays and holidays.

30. Bacon Hot Sauce

A cowboy-shaped bottle of Whoop Ass BBQ bacon hot sauce.

We couldn’t resist the cowboy bottle for Whoop Ass BBQ Bacon Hot Sauce. The 8 ounce bottle of spicy sauce adds heat and bacon flavor to meat, seafood, eggs, and vegetable dishes.

31. Bacon Socks

A pair of men's socks with bacon designs.

These casual men’s bacon socks feature a sizzling bacon design that’s sure to impress.

Machine washable, they fit men’s shoe sizes 6 through 12 1/2. Women’s bacon socks that fit shoe sizes 4 through 10.5 are available, too.

32. Bacon Man Candle

A Bacon and Bourbon scented candle.

Or should we call it a mandle? The smoky scent of bacon and the aroma of good bourbon combine in this Bourbon and Bacon Man Candle, which is hand poured with 100% soy wax.

33. Bacon Beans and Beer Cookbook

The cover of the cookbook Bacon Beans and Beer by Eliza Cross.

When it comes to manly ingredients, it’s hard to beat this trio!

The award-winning Bacon Beans and Beer cookbook by BENSA founder Eliza Cross features 65 hearty, easy-to-make recipes using bacon, beans, and/or beer as the star ingredient.

Bacon Gifts for Her

Girls just wanna have bacon, and these presents are perfect for all the wonderful women in your life who are bacon fans.

34. Bacon Friendship Necklace

A bacon and eggs charm necklace.

This dainty gold plated bacon necklace with a coordinating gold fried egg pendant is meant to be shared with a friend.

“You are the bacon to my eggs” is just about the sweetest sentiment ever!

35. Bacon is My Love Language T-Shirt

A young woman in a red t-shirt which is printed with "Bacon is my Love Language."
Photo: Courtesy of Redbubble/BENSA Bacon Lovers Shop

Who says women are complicated? Win her heart with this women’s bacon t-shirt which expresses the path so clearly: Bacon is My Love Language!

36. Bacon and Eggs Makeup Bag

A makeup bag with a bacon and eggs design.

This sizzling zippered 7- by 5-inch bacon and eggs cosmetic bag is as practical as it is cute. Perfect for traveling, storing cosmetics or organizing toiletries.

37. Bacon Copper Bracelet

A copper bracelet with the word "BACON" hand stamped across the front.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy

This hand-stamped copper bacon bracelet not only proclaims your love for bacon, but some think copper may have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce joint pain.

If you have any suggestions for bacon gifts we should include in this guide, please contact us!

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This post was originally published on December 28, 2013 and is continuously being updated with new products, photos and text. It was last updated April 21, 2024.

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